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Structural Timber

Our yard has been purposely build for the safe and correct storage of all types of timber. 

We have our own saw to enable us to rough cut timber to any size requirements. We also have a planer for internal or finishing timber.

The strength of timber is defined in BS 5268. The two most commonly specified timber construction timber grades are C24 & C16.

What's the difference?

C24 is a higher standard than C16. C16 grade timber can be used for some applications like wall plates, stud work but C24 is a higher grade which can handle higher loads, wider spans and final settling is substantially less than C16.

Timber graded to C24 cannot be grown in the Ireland or the U.K. due to our climate.

All our structural timbers are stocked and supplied as C24 as standard. 

All our timber is stored on level ground and protected from the rain.

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