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Avit Side Cutters 180mm (7")

Side Cutters 180mm (7")

Avit Waterpump Pliers 250mm (10")

Waterpump Pliers 250mm (10")

C.K Cable & Wire Rope Cutters 190mm

Cable/Wire Rope Cutter 190mm

C.K Cable Cutters 210mm

Cable Cutter 210mm

C.K Classic Combination Pliers 200mm

Classic Combi Plier 200mm

C.K Classic Side Cutters 140mm

Classic Side Cutter 140mm

C.K Classic Side Cutters Heavy Duty 180mm

Classic Side Cutter H/D 180mm

C.K Compound Action Snips Straight

Compound Action Snips Straight

C.K RedLine VDE Combination Pliers 205mm

RedLine VDE Combi Plier 205mm

C.K Tin Snips 200mm

Tin Snips 200mm

C.K Top Cutters 200mm

Top Cutter Steel Fixing 200mm