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Joinery / Wood Working Tools

Creighton’s of Lisbellaw are proud to be able to state that within the shop you will find a selection of the same tool from various manufacturers to provide you both choice and value when it comes to hand tools.
Because we are an independent retailer our stock is ever changing to meet the needs of our customers and not limited to selected brands.
Some of the many brands we stock are:
Irwin Record,
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Avit Spring Clamps

Spring Clamp 100mm (4")

C.K Magma Hammer Loop

CK Magma Hammer Loop

C.K Magma Nail Pouch

C.K Magma Nail Pouch

£9.38 (ex. VAT)
C.K Magma Tool Pouch

C.K Magma Tool Pouch

£15.33 (ex. VAT)
C.K Prybar/Nail Puller 15"

Prybar/Nail Puller 15"

C.K Slaters Ripper

Slaters Ripper

C.K Wood Chisel Bevel Edged

Wood Chisel Bevel Edge 25mm