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Irwin Dry Dash Renders

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Creighton’s of Lisbellaw are proud suppliers of dry dash renders from Irwins Quality Aggregates. Dry dash render is a rendering technique that is traditionally used to provide a tough and long-lasting exterior finish to wall surfaces.

Irwins provide a large range of long lasting, low maintenance, coloured finishes. Their Renders consist only of naturally-coloured sands and aggregates.

 They provide an attractive range of granite, quartz, marble and flint chippings, which are known for their strength and durability. These Renders are believed by the supplier to be the most long-lasting and low-maintenance options on the market. These Renders look great used on their own as well as blending in well with natural colour of brick and stone.

For more information and to look at the full range, click on the brochure below.

Irwins Quality Aggregates Dry Dash Render Brochure

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