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Blue Roll

Blue roll for general dry cleaning

C.K Foldaway Pruning Saw

Foldaway Pruning Saw

C.K Kitchen Scissors 81/2"

Kitchen Scissors 81/2"

C.K Lambfoot Knife

Lambfoot Knife

C.K Legend Bypass Pruners

Legend Bypass Pruners

C.K Maxima Bypass Pruners

Maxima Bypass Pruners

C.K Maxima Garden Trowel

Maxima Garden Trowel

C.K Maxima Hand Fork

Maxima Hand Fork

C.K Maxima Long Reach Garden Hedge Shears

Maxima L/Reach Hedge Shears

C.K Maxima Telescopic Anvil Loppers

Maxima Telescopic Lopper

C.K Pruning Knife

Pruning Knife