Creighton's of Lisbellaw Ltd operates from two premises in Lisbellaw.
The Shop which is on the Main Street and the Yard which is located on Brook Street. These places are within walking distance from each other.

History of Creighton's;

Back in 1930 Robert John Nixon Creighton purchased Robert Robinson's grocery and light hardware business, changing the name above the door to RJN Creighton.
Jack, as he was known, continued to provide for the local community from the premises at 'Liverpool House' 22 Main Street Lisbellaw, After the Second World War the business became a limited company called RJN Creighton Ltd
In the late 1960s the directors of the business made the decision to expand the hardware business into building supplies also. In order to do this land was purchased at Brook Street Lisbellaw (opposite the current main yard).

Mr John Creighton (Jack's son) became managing director in 1980 and continued to run the business right up to 1998 when the business was purchased by John Johnston, a previous customer who was in the building trade.
The name was changed to Creighton's of Lisbellaw Ltd and has greatly been expanded with the premises being developed to suit modern requirements and systems of work.